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Carlos Sanchez and David Nealson
David Gold, Simon Clay and Thor
Louie Eshby and David Road
Danny Montero and David Ballard
Joshua Finley and Julian Tomlinson
David Harr and Nick Gill
Daniel Wood and Thor
Timothy Nixon and Jamie Oliver
Caleb Moreton and Ian Samson
Connick Dade, Nick Daniels and Louie Eshby
Daniel Wood and Marty Marshall
David White and Caleb Moreton
David Road, Luke Taylor and Connick Dade
Denis Folac and Julian Tomlison
Julian Tomlinson and Thomas Fiaty
John Parker and David Wood
Kumar Patelo and Simon Clay
Brad Jaw, Thomas Swings and Maxim Moira
Alex Granger and David White
Falco White and Luke Taylor
Jose Manuel, Marty and Johnnie Dick
Thomas Fiaty and Zac Powers
Eamon August and Chester Pool
Jesse Jenkins and Mike Cage